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Waging War on Complexity Costs


Does a 15 to 30 percent reduction in operating cost interest you? Thought so.

For the past two decades the pursuit of growth has created massive complexity in companies, and with it, massive complexity costs. What are complexity costs? Complexity costs are those costs in a business associated with having too many parts, products, services, systems, processes, business lines, and so on.

But here’s the kicker: For many companies, the value of taking out bad complexity can amount to 15-30% of its cost base.

The only good news about this weakness is that your competitors may be carrying as much or more complexity cost as you are—and hence the opportunity: Learn how to effectively remove complexity, and you can regain competitive footing by creating a cost advantage over your competitors.

In their recent book, Waging War on Complexity Costs (McGraw-Hill), authors Stephen Wilson and Andrei Perumal provide new insights on the nature of the issue, and innovative and effective battle strategies that the business executive can use to finally grapple with the issue.

Please note that this program will be interactive and our expert speakers will give advice and insights to your current challenges during the program. We will ask for your live participation by calling on you in a "round robin" exercise. You can choose to “pass”, however, in order for this to be of full benefit for you- your participation will be requested.