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Courage: Lifting Teams to New Heights


Great leaders mobilize, galvanize and uplift. They sprinkle in a dash of fear — to spur action. They take a group and make it a team. They hold their inspirees firmly on belay, lest they descend into panic or complacency. It looks like magic. But, like any magic act, there is a formula to courage-building. After 15+ years of hard research, not just theories and motivational entertainment, we can give you a proven 5-factor roadmap to build courage in your teams. If enterprise-success requires you to take teams further, faster or in a different direction from the one that is already in their comfort zone, it is not enough for you to have courage. You also need to uplift, challenge, ennoble, inspire courage, evoke joy and fulfillment — in your employees, your board of directors, your investors, your customers, and your regulators. This webinar will show you how.