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Leading for Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement is quickly shifting from being a top HR issue to one of bottom-line importance to senior line managers. However, as the shift takes place, executives are saying that they don’t want employees who are “aimlessly engaged”; they want a workforce that is fully engaged in and aligned with the organization’s critical business priorities. Low turnover and hard working employees may be good enough for many businesses, but leading companies are raising the bar and embracing “aligned engagement”. The current research is definitive – an engaged workforce produces higher employee discretionary effort but when the workforce is engaged and aligned, that discretionary effort drops right to the bottom-line with higher gross margins and higher operating profits.

Join Bruce Fern, President and Chief Engagement Solutions Architect at Performance Connections as he broadens your perspective about why conventional wisdom about employee engagement is not good enough and does not fulfill the demands of today’s business environment. Engagement-for-engagement’s-sake is often “aimless,” running the risk that you will join 80% of organizations who fail to make the business shifts required to stay competitive.