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The New World of Bottoms-Up Marketing


Traditional marketing has been all about delivering a message for the top and spreading it through as many channels as possible. That worked well in an age when mass media dominated the communications landscape, but the world has changed. Today, messages began at the bottom and percolate up. The mass media relies on tips and insights from bloggers to determine its priorities. A marketing promotion is no longer considered successful until the intended audience gives it their blessing. Informal networks of customers band together to tell businesses what they want.

This new dynamic is enormously powerful if you accept its value and permit it to guide your strategy. It's enormously threatening if you deny the voice of the newly empowered customer and insist on shouting messages they no longer want to hear. This presentation offers examples of the influence of the newly empowered customer and provides marketers with guidelines for listening and adapting to a market in which customers now have the ability – and the will – to control the message.