How to Lead Different Generations: Are You Ready for Generation Y? - Best Practice Institute
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How to Lead Different Generations: Are You Ready for Generation Y?


Whether you like it or not, the demographic shift is happening and Generation Y (born 1980 – 1995) is coming to the forefront of the workforce. This generation differs from any previous demographic population because “Gen Y” grew up in an era shaped by conditions unheard of before: from digital social lives with 24/7 connectivity, global mobility and unlimited instant access to shared knowledge via the internet to unprecedented environmental challenges and highly individualized lifestyle choices. Consequently, Generation Y’s approach to life and work seems foreign to earlier generations. In fact, it leaves them downright confused: These erratic, demanding, impatient and tech-dependent Trophy Kids are supposed to become our future leaders?

In this webinar, Martina Mangelsdorf shares how Generation Y impacts the working world, focusing on five specific areas:
•Work Place & Environment
•Expectations & Motivation
•Leadership & Communication
•Attraction & Hiring
•Training & Development

Martina explains typical Generation Y attributes and stereotypes that should be utilized to leverage Gen Y talent. She also highlights some risk factors and provides a practical checklist to assess whether your organization is ready for Generation Y.