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Step Up & Speak with Confidence


To rise in your career, virtually nothing matches the ability to easily and persuasively impact audiences, in meetings large and small. To vanquish the "fear of public speaking", we'll focus on the basics of effective public speaking, and then include advanced topics such as what to do in the face of hecklers, how to avoid excessive perspiration while speaking, and what to do if you "blank out" in mid-presentation.

Common questions
*How can I get quickly better a public speaking?
*Is there a way to quickly organize my notes for smooth delivery?
*How big a part does "knowing your audience" play in being effective?

Attendees will benefit in many ways:
1. Gain a sense of accomplishment, even mastery, in making presentations
2. Learn the importance of mastering your meeting venue
3. Know how to calmly and effectively speak in front of others
4. Discover how to help participants better understand and act upon what's been presented