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Effectively Influencing Decision Makers


Two of the most common questions that are asked in leadership development sessions are:

•How can I do a better job of influencing my manager?
•How can I better influence my peers – when I don’t have direct line authority.

Although there is no way to guarantee success when we try to influence without direct control, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith will provide a model that will improve your odds on success. This webinar will help you determine both when and how to influence decision makers. The final part of the seminar is especially important in today’s tough business environment. Marshall will share a philosophy on how to ‘make peace’ with what you cannot change and ‘play the cards that you are given’ in a way that is most beneficial to you and to your organization. This webinar is not just for managers – it is for any members of the organization who want increase their impact by more effectively influencing decision makers.