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Transglobal Leadership: How to Drive Global Growth


Having the right kind of leaders to help you drive global growth is essential to beat the competition. But what do great global leaders do that sets them apart? We have all witnessed situations where having the wrong leader in global environments has led to real business disasters. Join this webinar and learn the 5 dimensions of global leaders - how you spot them, how you nurture them, and how you retain them. Dr. Sharkey, co-author of Winning with Transglobal Leaders, will take you through her new book and what it takes to ensure you have the leaders you need to compete globally. No company will be able to escape the growing globalization of the business world - learn what you can do to make sure you are ready! Specifically she will cover the behavioral dimensions in detail, how to assess your company's global capability and how to assess yourself or someone you are considering for a global assignment.