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Leadership During Crisis


Inspired by first hand accounts and interviews with leaders throughout the public and private sector, leadership expert Harry Hutson and for GSA Adminstrator Martha Johnson examined leaders effected by tramautic events such as 9/11, the Oklahoma City & Boston bombings, Hurricane Katrina, hostile takeovers, sudden deaths of employees/executives/customers, and other catastrophic events to determine the keys to leading yourself and your people successfully through such events. During this webinar, Harry and Martha will share first hand accounts, learnings from interviews and research findings that will illuminate and inspire you to action during the most turbulent of times, or just when you need inspiration.

Specifically we'll focus on:

* How to be prepared to unforeseen events for which you can't prepare;
* Your reaction matters - how what you say and do will make all the difference in the world.
* The importance of "showing-up" How to make sure your first reaction and response is communicated properly and accurately.
* The latest in emomtional display and storytelling research
* ... and more

During the session, you will learn:

1. Emergency Preparedness
2. Getting through times of crisis
3. How to cope and prosper
4. Finding positive opportunities during crisis
5. Top things leaders must do during a crisis