June Benchmark-It on Best and New/Innovative Organizational Design Practices - Best Practice Institute
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June Benchmark-It on Best and New/Innovative Organizational Design Practices


Several of our best organizations have a long series of acquisitions and require a focus on being "leaner" overall to ensure that the balance of investments is focused on customer facing work. To meet the challenge and ensure "go forward" functions/teams are operating in a sustainable way, some degree of organization design will be necessary. Some organizations have functions/divisions that want to “trim around the edges” without taking a systematic approach to looking at roles, activities with varying degrees of organizational design capability and limited time to plan and execute.

This Benchmark-It Will Address the following questions:

Key Questions
· How do you take some of the fear of “organization design” so that leaders embrace the opportunity to look at their organizations holistically?

· How do you quickly skill-up leaders and HR teams to facilitate organization design?

· How do you ensure cross-functional integration to ensure that what’s being designed as a function integrates with the design of other functions when approaches and timing are not necessarily aligned?

· What are best practices or better, new/innovative ways for sharing the new organization design but beyond the boxes – real insight into what the future state of work looks like?

· What are best practices for managing the change that re-organization/org design inherently creates?