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About BPI

Best Practice Institute is a leadership development, executive coaching, and HR Benchmark Research company. We help companies and leaders make better informed employer branding, talent acquisition, management, hiring, performance, and succession decisions. The company website provides members with comprehensive online learning sessions on a myriad of Human Resources topics ranging from leadership development succession planning, and talent management. In addition, the portal provides on-demand skill and competency building sessions on over 20 categories including coaching, emotional intelligence, strategy, systems thinking, leadership communication and effectiveness, management, and many more. 

BPI's entire subscriber base includes over 42,000 managers, coaches, directors VP's, SVP's, and C-level's of branded, "household-name" Fortune 500/Global 1000 organizations worldwide. BPI corporate and individual members are located in about two dozen countries on five continents, including executives and employees of the majority of Fortune/Global 1000 organizations. BPI's faculty includes over 200 experts and world-renown thought leaders.

Typically, BPI faculty members teach as professors or Chairs of Departments at Ivy League Schools and/or have contributed a wide-body of original research, innovative publications and practice to the field of management and leadership. The organization reaches more than 500,000 HR leaders, and management professionals around the world each month. 


Best Practice Institute was founded by CEO, social/organizational psychologist, best-selling author, thought leader, and entrepreneur,  Louis Carter in 2001 along with 10 other C-level executives from F500 organizations.  Best Practice Institute, along with its team of researchers, writers, PhD I/O psychologists, legal, finance, operations, public relations, marketing, software and product development specialists, have won top HR awards such as the Trailblazer Award by Elearning! Magazine, Top HR Products of the Year by HR Tech Conference, Leadership Excellence magazine’s “Best in Leadership Development” ranking since 2011. 


Best Practice Institute Senior Executive Board Members hold annual meetings at organizations such as US Army War College, United Nations, The Pentagon, New York Stock Exchange, The Federal Reserve Bank of NY among other major International agencies. BPI is ranked as one of the top ten "Best in Leadership Development" by Leadership Excellence Magazine and develops research and other products on its Senior Executive Board's areas of demand.

BPI produces The Top CEO Award along with Top Best Practices Awards for exceptional leadership, talent and management programs yearly.



test and learn marketing
Develop your company and teams. Social learning. Discussion groups. Action Learning Labs. Transfer of learning evaluations to show you you are using it on-the-job.
performance management best practices
Ask critical questions. Get answers from your peers and over 350 experts. Chat online. Work with your industry peers and benchmark critical aspects of talent management. 
best practice talent solutions
Validate your work. Create your own best practice and next practice case study. Create your own ideas and actionable plans for your talent management and HR program. Get noticed by others.

Member resources on Best Practice Institute include:

  • Fast Cycle Learning Circles: Short bursts of cutting-edge information followed by intense discussion in an hour or less. Learning Circles also become springboards for follow-up discussion threads, as BPI members help each other apply the information to their real-world workplace challenges.
  • Ask-It Benchmarking Sessions: For many years, BPI’s premium members have enjoyed sharpening each other with thoughtful questions and practical answers, which often took the form of extremely long email threads. Those discussions are now taking place on “Ask-It,” BPI’s benchmarking tool of the future.  Members pose their benchmarking questions and fellow members weigh in. Ask-It threads are preserved online, are searchable and include attachments members upload. Detailed member profiles make it easy to evaluate each commenter’s credentials, and participants rate each other’s comments
  • Benchmarking Groups: BPI offers action learning groups based on core best practice areas where members may interact, network, and share their successes and learning from their past or present experiences with best and next practices.
  • Action Learning Labs: Take part in a four week process where you will work with a BPI facilitator, industry peers and selected BPI experts to create your best practice in your area of talent management. 
  • Senior Executive Board: BPI's most exclusive offering where a select group of senior executives in talent management are chosen to take part in a year long experience meeting on-site at organizations, benchmarking best practices online, and creating their own best practice program. 
  • Social Media and Networking: BPI members connect, interact, chat, share critical information for decision making, and post answers and success cases with each other for purposes of making more informed decisions or personal/organizational branding and marketing.
  • Member-generated Case Studies: Members are invited to share their success stories with each other. Who has the time to write a case study? BPIworld makes it easy with a simple case study form that leads the contributor through a few short questions that take just a minutes answer, resulting in an invaluable archive of practical information for BPI members.
  • Online Learning (Webinars): More than 350 learning sessions are available on-demand. The sessions are led by BPI faculty members and guest presenters, who are world-famous thought leaders and Fortune 500 executives. All learning sessions are free of sponsorships and advertising.
  • BPI Resource Library: In addition to the hundreds of webinars, BPIworld has a vast library of additional online materials, including articles, books, research, case studies and videos.
  • Access to the experts: BPI members interact with each other and the experts in lively online discussions and benchmarking sessions. Premium members gain access through chat and email with the organization’s roster of more than 200 experts, to obtain their counsel on real-time, real-world situations.
  • Certification and accreditation: BPI offers certification in many areas of expertise. HR Certification Institute credits toward PHR, SPHR or GPHR certification are available for BPI’s live and on-demand sessions.
  • Awards: BPI offers CEO, Thought Leader, and Executive/Practitioner awards, along with press release writing, PR Newswire distribution, and distribution to syndication and content partners in the leadership and management industry.




"The style of meeting we have experienced at Best Practice Institute has taught us as senior executive members one of the most effective ways to contribute meaningfully to a conversation. The meetings provide an atmosphere of trust. Senior Board Members can then share their issues and strategies for overcoming a variety of challenges they face day-to-day. It's a down-to-earth, practical discussion.”


- Christine Tricoli, Senior Vice President, Head of Talent Services at CIT Group


“This is probably the best possible name for an independent research-based think tank, consultancy and professional association dedicated to best practices in leadership and management. BPI is genuinely dedicated to finding and promoting best practices and next practices in a positive, inspirational, and aspirational way. Global leaders turn to BPI, its Senior Executive Board, and professional consultancy to collaboratively investigate current trends and co-create next practices together. Organizational top teams clarify annual talent goals and as a group discover and create new ideas and approaches to what they do and provoke great thinking. BPI creates real, actionable plans and programs with clients based on the best tools, models, instruments and developmental content in the industry today.” 


David Deacon, 

Chief Talent Officer, 



"The style of meeting we have experienced at Best Practice Institute has taught us as senior executive members one of the most effective ways to contribute meaningfully to a conversation. The meetings provide an atmosphere of trust. Senior Board Members can then share their issues and strategies for overcoming a variety of challenges they face day-to-day. It's a down-to-earth, practical discussion. That's what I enjoy about the group most"

Christine Tricoli

Senior Vice President, Head of Talent Services, CIT Group


“BPI is an invaluable resource to me and my company in the fields of talent, leadership development and change. My Company continues to rely heavily on BPI for leadership development resources and research.”


Brian Fishel

SVP of Leadership Development and Learning, KeyBank 


“The dialogue of our peers, the experiences they bring to the table are the best I have ever seen.  I leave sessions completely charged with new ideas and perspectives and anxious to implement them when I get back home.”


John Nelson

Global Head of Talent and Organization Effectiveness, Baxalta 



“The Board is a fantastic way to learn the practices of other organizations – that are based on theory and practical application. I utilize all of the great knowledge and tools BPI offers.”


Brian Bules 

VP Talent Solutions




“The amount of dialogue and the safety of the dialogue on the Board are crucial dimensions. BPI provides first rate thought leadership, lovely dialogue and clear execution on how to make it work back home.”


Rick O’Leary

Chief Human Resources Officer

Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation




“I have found solutions to problems through the BPI Senior Executive Board that I would normally have to pay a consultant $1M to answer for me.”


Lucia Quinn


Forrester Research


“BPI establishes an excellent opportunity for board members to network with and learn from real experts in their field.  The intimacy of the session and comfortable atmosphere was greatly appreciated by all.  The venues were unmatched and all events were very well done.  I enjoyed the company of every attendee and was very appreciative of all members of the staff.  First rate.”


Ret. Col. George Reed Ph.D.

Dean, School of Public Affairs, 

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Former Director of Command and Leadership Studies, U.S. Army