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Senior Executive Board

BPI's Senior Executive Board is the only C-level executive think tank customized to execute on your talent management goals.

Create the Future of Talent

BPI's Senior Executive Board creates Next Practices. Along with your peers and within your talent team, you get real-time, ready-now reports, plans, resources, and tools. All created by a team of highly-seasoned organizational psychologists and former HR leaders driven by peer validated, evidenced-based practices that are specific to your unique company requirements.

Co-Created Custom Sessions

Senior Executive Board members and their teams receive virtual co-created sessions, customized information, and next practices. We help you achieve your essential needs with your entire HR and Talent Team. When you are on the BPI SEB, you bring enormous value toward achieving your entire team's goals.

Actionable & Execution Focused Practice Planning

BPI's Senior Executive Board is about executing and getting the work done. With direct access to BPI's Founder and Internationally recognized expert Louis Carter, we don't just tell you what you should do, we are right there with you - whether through co-creation, facilitation, coaching and change-management support, BPI is right there with you providing what's needed to execute your plans and set the path forward for themselves, their organizations, and the field of talent management.

History of the Board

The BPI Senior Executive Board (SEB) began its founding peer-group session in 2005. Today, groups of 20 Chief Talent Officers and CHROs focus on topics related to talent management, learning & leadership development, and workforce planning & analytics. The SEB also conducts extensive research on executive practitioners and organizations under the direction of CEO, Louis Carter, author of the best selling best practices book series published by John Wiley and Sons, Change Champions Field Guide, and 2019 best-selling In Great Company published by McGraw-Hill. Those practices are then executed in your company with the support of BPI and your fellow Board members. BPI provides a coaching experience to Board members and their top teams by assisting them with the process of goal setting and customizing research with its “Future-Forward” Next Practice Creation process to help board members and their teams gain direct advice and validation from peers and its cadre of top experts.

Pioneering and Sharing Best and Next Practices

Senior Executive Members share and pioneer innovative, best, and next Talent and HR practices, top talent team alignment, identification of yearly goals, and benchmark-its with other senior executives and thought leaders. Senior Executive Members shape all learning sessions, benchmark questions, awards, online learning, thought leader requests, and activities of BPI according to their specific goals.