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Because of the intensive and ongoing interaction that is facilitated among Senior Executive Board (SEB) members and for their top teams, the SEB has been described as a community of leaders, a peer network, “a caring, safe and high-functioning community,” and even a family. Board members comment on “off the charts” customer service, “extraordinary opportunities for knowledge sharing,” “outstanding selection and access to Top Talent and Thought leaders,”couldn’t have paid a consultant a million dollars for advice I have received on the board,” and many more accolades too numerous to mention. Perhaps most importantly it is an “experience not to be missed.”

Best Practice Institute has gained attention as one of the top providers in the world of leadership development solutions.

“The Board is a fantastic way to learn the practices of other organizations – that are based on theory and practical application. I utilize all of the great knowledge and tools BPI offers.”


Head of Talent Solutions GlaxoSmithKline Board Member Since 2005

“Bank of America continues to rely heavily on BPI for leadership development and online learning resources. BPI brings together executive peers with similar business goals that I never would have uncovered otherwise. It has become a great platform for stimulating ideas, and challenging my assumptions and hypotheses around things, but more importantly, forcing me to go back and ask questions.”

Bank of America

SVP Enterprise Leadership Development Bank of America, Board member since 2005

“The dialogue of our peers, the experiences they bring to the table are the best I have ever seen. I leave sessions completely charged with new ideas and perspectives and anxious to implement them when I get back home.”


SVP HR QBE Board member since 2006

“BPI has built a community of business and management professionals engaged in the development and enhancement of shared solutions to existing and emerging opportunities and issues. The approach employed by BPI also focuses on direct client engagement and frequent communication throughout the benchmarking process. The BPI method utilizes up-front interviewing or carefully designed and chosen peer or benchmarking groups; a process for solving problems in real time and in virtual sessions; and consistent follow-up, support, and evaluation of the practices to ensure a high-degree of client participation, executive buy-in, and measurable success.”

Saudi Aramco

Head of Talent Saudi Aramco Board Member since 2005

“The amount of dialogue and the safety of the dialogue on the Board are crucial dimensions. BPI provides first rate thought leadership, lovely dialogue and clear execution on how to make it work back home.”

Iris International

Corporate Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, Iris International, former VP of Learning and Leadership, Corning , founding board member since 2005

“BPI established an excellent opportunity for board members to network with and learn from real experts in their field. The intimacy of the session and comfortable atmosphere was greatly appreciated by all. The accommodations were splendid and all events were very well done. I enjoyed the company of every attendee and was very appreciative of all members of the staff. It was a first rate session.”

USArmy War College

Director of Command and Leadership US Army War College BPI was selected as one of ten organizations to visit the US Army War College

“Best Practice Institute is an invaluable resource for me. It’s Senior Executive Board is a community of highly experienced practitioners in the field of talent, leadership, and change management who consistently challenge and benchmark their practices for competitive advantage.”


Best Practice Institute is an invaluable resource for me. It’s Senior Executive Board is a community of highly experienced practitioners in the field of talent, leadership, and change management who consistently challenge and benchmark their practices for competitive advantage.

“Engaging with the external partners and my industry colleagues in dialogue versus “presentation and Q&A” style was excellent. The clinics were also a great methodology, because they added a richness to the dialogue that was based on real world challenges.”

Gap Inc.

Senior Vice President, People & Organization Effectiveness Gap Inc.

“I have found solutions to problems through the BPI Senior Executive Board that I would normally have to pay a consultant $1M to answer for me.”

Boston Scientific

Former EVP of Human Resources Boston Scientific Board Member 2005-2007

“Through Best Practice Institute, we have the opportunity to work with multiple Fortune 500 clients and share best practices with them. We participate and engage in live webcasts and have the opportunity to view archived webcasts of so many different topics. I appreciate the people, topics, and practices that BPI offers. We have access to the leading best organizations. BPI provides a way to understand, listen, and learn about best practices across businesses and functions through industry leaders, professionals, and executives. Best practice institute webcast topics range from general operations management to leading effective teams and building effective recruitment strategies—it is great way for my organization to take advantage of all of the leading industry practices.”


Vice President

“Best Practice Institute brings together the leading thinkers, the new authors—new and different ideas sitting from where we work—which is helpful to us as we grapple with the new economy of the world of work today. BPI provides us opportunities to have access to greatest new material in leadership and management theory that is available to us anywhere in the world.”

American Express

Vice President of Leadership Development