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Our Values

Our Values

Clearing and Withholding

Clear the air and refrain from withholding information that may be harmful to others; always communicate this information in a safe manner.


Provide advice to fellow board members on how to improve their practices. Advice is a gift. After receiving advice, thank the person giving the advice.

Conduct Yourself as the Leaders You Develop Back at Work

Engaging in heart-to-heart conversations through appreciation and direct communication, being on-time, returning phone calls, being respectful of each other’s needs, and refraining from blaming someone for their mistakes are behaviors that are tantamount to your success in the community and the success of the community as a whole.

Group Benchmarking and Reciprocity

When a member has a question for benchmarking provide them with an answer to their question - even if it is a transparent answer about your ability/inability to answer the question. This is a reciprocal practice that will help you when you are in need of help to a pressing question.

Responsibility for Your Best Practice

You must create and sustain your own best practice program throughout the year and report back on its progress for the group.

Appreciative Practice

Find things about each other that you truly appreciate. Be certain to focus on these attributes at all times – especially during times of disagreement. If we are to stay together as a community, we must stay “in appreciation” with one another.

Next Practice

Think about ways to improve best practices and apply it to the future. Create practices that are forward thinking and innovative that meet the demands of the workforce of the future.