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An enterprise feedback and performance tool

Skillrater helps your enterprise achieve and measure a new level of performance and leadership.

The leader among a second wave of social business tools adding much-needed metrics to social networking for business.
Easy to roll-out and use
Skillrater is built on a social platform that is familiar and comfortable to first-time users. It takes only a few minutes to give feedback using Skillrater.
Customizable feedback
Skillrater is uniquely designed so that any skill or quality can be plugged in and rated. Skillrater feedback always zooms on a specific recent event or activity.
Measurable feedback
Skillrater’s simple one-to-five rating system produces metrics that can be used to evaluate team members, measure change over time, and match workers to assignments.
Specific feedback
One thing people hate about many performance appraisals are the long, boring reports that are generated (and which often go unread). Skillrater feedback takes the form of short, meaningful responses to specific events and activities.
Timely feedback
Almost all performance and assessment tools work on an annual or quarterly basis, generating feedback that is instantly out of date. Skillrater gathers right-now responses that create immediate value.
Always on continuous feedback
Skillrater creates a culture of continuous feedback and leads to continued, consistent improvement.

BD's story is common. The company needed a performance tool that was concise and provided specific feedback on star performers and leaders. Skillrater provided BD with access to data that helped the company measure the impact of its initiatives while supporting a culture of openness.

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