BPI Report – Transforming the Whole System Through Talent Management


In a rapidly changing global environment, organizations are exposed to complex issues affecting a wide range of strategic functions that require the transformation of the whole organization system.

The regulatory environment, competition, employee attitudes, and resistance and reactions to change are some of the challenges organizations deal with on a daily basis.

Globalization and increased migration patterns in the world population are adding to the ‘stress’ businesses face, thus increasing the demand for strategic solutions capable of increasing company effectiveness.

Today, more than ever before organizations understand the urgent need of responding to the changing global environment. Senior executive leadership realizes the importance of being agile, adaptive, and willing to change as needed.

A traditional theory and practice employed in the business community for decades has been the science of Organization Development (OD).

However, as the times have passed, and the real results of OD have been reevaluated, it has been acknowledged that OD, has lost its roots of dealing with total organization change. Transforming the Whole System has emerged to again bring enterprise-wide change as a central focus.

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Scott Baxt
Scott is responsible for setting, leading, managing, and driving the marketing and business strategy for BPI. He has an impressive track record as Director of Marketing both for ERE and IQPC. An innovative senior marketing professional, I have over 18 years experience developing and executing results producing and research-driven marketing strategies as the former Director of Marketing at both IQPC and ERE Media. As the 5th employee and Director of Marketing at ERE, I developed and implemented a marketing strategy and function to increase revenue and grow ERE’s reach within the Talent Acquisition & HR professions. ERE grew in revenue, profit, and employee size nearly 6 fold during my tenure. As the Director of Marketing for IPQC, I immediately impacted profitability of the international business information and conference/trade show organization by implementing innovative marketing approaches to conferences in a wide variety of business sectors. I was promoted to head up marketing for NYC office of IQPC within 15 months.