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We have worked with major financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and petroleum companies and increased voluntary discretionary effort by significant amounts over a one month period.

We have developed communities of practice for the past twenty years that have created some of the greatest innovations through collaborative, emotionally connected strategic partnerships.


Louis Carter has co-created a series of activities with other companies to
create a high performing workplace, based on the Emotional Connected Index (ECI).

ECI can be applied in 2 ways:

ECW - Emotionally Connected Workplace

Applied to any group of people, from a small team to the entire organization’s workforce

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ECL - Emotionally Connected Leader

Applied to any manager of people – from a division manager to the CEO.

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Starting with a quick pulse survey (12 questions) to determine the Emotional Connectedness Index for Peak Performance, we can help determine how employees or managers are scoring on the 5 factors:

The key to this assessment is that it is both in self and 360-degree format

Our research has proven that ECI is the greatest indicator of workplace outcomes, and can be applied to a number of workplace objectives – combat attrition, retain your best employees, increase productivity, get more voluntary discretionary effort, and more.

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