Emotionally Connected Workplace

ECW can be applied to teams of any size, to small teams within the organization to the entire organization’s workforce.

We are fortunate that the study’s principal author, Louis Carter is a very engaging and informative speaker. We have combined his presentations/facilitated discussions with the executive team as well as an “all-hands” approach”:


We start off with our pulse survey to determine your team or workplace ECI. The result will be a dashboard showing the scores of each factor, along with your company’s cumulative ECI.


360-degree or self-assessment coaching, weekly active planning or peer review is provided along with actual advice on how to get better in areas that need to be built on – both individually and in teams.


Work with the executive team to co-create a series of next steps to asses the results and close the gaps.


Apply prescription, led by Louis Carter, in any of the following forms:  TED-type talks, Executive Coaching, self or 360-degree assessment,  Custom Workshops, Micro-Learning, High Potential Leadership Development, and a series of facilitated discussions within divisions and/or departments to identify specific behaviors that would result in an Emotionally Connected, Peak Performance Workforce from the perspective of employees, candidates, and customers. 


Measure and Show change over time. Re-apply prescription if necessary.

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