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BPI Change Management

Change Management Methodology

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The ResultsUp™ Change Process is BPI's established and proven methodology for successful organizational change based on Louis Carter's research and books, In Great Company and Change Champion's Field Guide. Our process aligns corporate and individual values and improves team and individual behaviors at all levels of an organization. BPI's ResultsUp™ Change Process represents a transformation in the way all employees learn about themselves and others and embrace individual accountability to achieve shared goals. Through the process, leaders and companies achieve corporate resilience, agility and perhaps most importantly, achieve their key goals and objectives.

ResultsUp™ Change Process

Envision – During this step we work closely with you (Executive Sponsor), your leadership team, as well as your key stakeholders to gain initial clarity and establish baselines. Together, we'll identify key behaviors and set goals at both the team and individual levels while all along aligning to the organizational desired culture and goals.

Establish - The establish phase is where we identify core internal beliefs and perspectives. Essential to this element is developing rapport between the coach/facilitators and employees. This elevated level of trust, understanding and shared purpose assist with identifying enablers that can be a foundational support to reach established goals as well as inhibitors and roadblocks that might curtail.

Execute – In this phase we work with our clients to develop an action plan that will enable the individual and/or team to reach their goals and improved behaviors. We specifically focus on enablers and inhibitors, identified in the second step of the process, that we can capitalize on or provide focused coaching and guidance to removing inhibitors that run counterproductive to goal attainment.

Evaluate – Evaluation is where we obtain and assess the results of everyone's efforts. Maximizing the use of Quantitative and Qualitative data, we can assess each individual and team's progression towards goal and desired behavioral attainment. Where deficiencies are discovered, BPI alongside our client, address the gaps and make focused adjustments in order to regain traction and forward momentum to goal attainment.

Change Management Services

  • Engagement Management: Oversee project protocol and ensure interaction between and among consultants, clients and back-office divisions. Ensure executives initiate, execute projects, follow-up, and interdepartmental consensus building and leadership. Ensure the right person is getting the work done at the right time and that it's on target.
  • Project Management: Full-scale management over entire project
  • Talent/HR Management: Onboarding, compliance, HR generalist functions, performance management, internal training and development
  • Administrative Assistance: All administrative tasks and duties related to concierge services, contracting, and interface with consultants and staff
  • Operations Management: Traffic management between all departments, including Front-Of-House (Engagement Manager, Project Manager, Administrative Assistant) and Back Office (legal, accounting, research, graphic design, instructional design, survey design, tool design, and all others needed to complete projects and tasks)
  • Professional L&D Support: Research, Graphic Design, Instructional System Design, Training and Development, Survey Design, and Tool Design
  • Procurement/finance: handle collections, payables, procurement, taxes, forecasting and any/all financial needs.
  • Legal/Executive Management: handle all needs including contracting, visa and immigration issues, collections and any/all legal needs. Billing, record keeping, oversight.
  • Thought Leadership/Expertise: access to BPI Senior Executive/C-Level leadership and expertise in OD, Talent Management, Change Management and Leadership Development

Change Management Process

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