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Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D. – President of The Gronstedt Group, is an author, public speaker and entrepreneur. He is an advocate of using Next-Gen Learning tools to advance real-world skills through virtual and augmented reality training, transmedia storytelling, game and simulation-based learning. The Gronstedt Group has been instrumental in helping global companies like Walmart, KPMG, Google, HP, DaVita, and Kimberly-Clark and government clients like the Department of Transportation and the City of New York improve performance with innovative learning approaches. Anders is a former faculty member of the University of Colorado–Boulder School and his articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

From Immersion to Presence: How AR and VR Will Revolutionize Your Learning

Learning Session | Published: June 16, 2018

VR and AR are here. Apple ARKit and Google ARCore are turning two billion phones into a magic lens that can arm your workforce with superpowers. Full-body VR offers a digital rehearsal space of such convincing verisimilitude that learners feel they are actually there. How are Fortune 500 companies d...
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