Richard Bellingham at Best Practice Institute
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Dr. Richard (Rick) Bellingham, Ed.D., is an innovative organizational psychologist who has spent the last 40 years creating healthy, innovative, and productive work environments in over 200 organizations world-wide at the C-suite level. Rick has worked with executives in over half of the Fortune 100 companies during the course of his career. He has extensive experience coaching in high tech, telecommunications, health care, financial, and professional service firms. The purpose of his work has always been to re-examine, redefine, and reform how we look at the meaning of community, leadership, and wellness in our corporate culture. He specializes in executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational learning, and leadership development.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Leadership Lexicon

Learning Session | Published: July 13, 2018

The idea is to frame all leadership competencies in a two dimensional grid. On the x axis are the 3 meta-skills of leadership: Identify, Build, and Drive. On the y axis are the four dimensions of leadership: Know and Grow Yourself, Know and Grow Your Team, Know and Grow your Organization, and Kn...
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