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Prof. Dr. Justin James Kennedy is a Thought Leader in Organizational Neuroscience, Licensed Healthcare Professional and Executive Coach. His first book “Brain Reboots” is launching end of the month. His corporate career was interrupted by a motorbike accident, which left him in a coma. His head was swollen larger than a watermelon, his speaking abilities limited and his body was left paralyzed. After several brain surgeries and a lengthy recovery process he learned what was needed to reboot his brain to walk and talk again. With strict discipline and endless will-power he presented a PhD thesis based on his research in neuroscience in Switzerland several years later. Today Prof. Kennedy is a globally recognized professor of neuroscience. He has responsibilities as a research academic researcher. He leverages his extensive business experience with emphasis on accelerating executive performance, developing talent and improving health and wellbeing of individuals and organizations. Based on his own story and the journey to reboot his brain he helps aspiring people to become healthier, happier and more successful in life and at work. He always says: “A change of mind changes Everything”


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Applying Neuroscience to the Talent Management Continuum

Learning Session | Published: December 28, 2018

How to improve the protocols of recruiting, retaining and developing talent using the application of neuroscience. ...
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