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Dr. David Rock coined the term 'NeuroLeadership' and is the director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, a global initiative bringing neuroscientists and leadership experts together to build a new science for leadership development. He co-edits the NeuroLeadership Journal and heads up an annual global summit. He has written many of the central academic and discussion papers defining the NeuroLeadership Field.

David is the author of the business best-seller 'Your Brain at Work' (HarperBusiness, 2009), as well as 'Quiet Leadership' (Harper Collins, 2006) and the textbook 'Coaching with the Brain in Mind' (Wiley & Sons, 2009). He blogs for the Harvard Business Review, Fortune Magazine, PsychologyToday and the Huffington Post, and is quoted widely in the media about leadership, organizational effectiveness and the brain.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

The Neuroscience of Leadership: New Research Explains Why Change is Hard and How to Make it Easier

Learning Session | Published: May 07, 2013

New research is emerging from neuroscience that provides insights into some of today’s biggest leadership challenges. Scientists are beginning to provide answers to issues such as how to more effectively make decisions and solve problems, stay cool under pressure, get on with others, and drive cha...
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Transform Performance Management with Neuroscience

Learning Session | Published: June 26, 2013

Performance Management continues to be universally of the most challenging activities, with many companies losing a whole quarter of productivity at review time. The emphasis continues to be on technology and measurement solutions, instead of tackling the challenge where it is hardest: changing the ...
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