Greg Waldron at Best Practice Institute
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Bottom-line focused leadership and organizational development consultant. Chief human resources officer and member of Executive Committee for global/international service businesses in the $250 Million to $3 Billion range. Guides senior management groups through significant business and human capital management change including mergers/acquisitions, divestitures, IPOs and new strategy implementations. Senior advisor to the Board, CEO and Executive Commitee; human capital management thought leader; manager of the human resources, internal communications and knowledge management functions. Diverse industry background including financial services, consumer products, travel and hospitality, logistics solutions and advertising/marketing communications.

Specialties: Human capital strategy; Board support; change management; executive compensation; enterprise talent management; global/international business; selection, placement and development; sucession planning and leadership development.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Delivering Business Impact in the New Economy

Learning Session | Published: May 08, 2013

The new economic environment has been described as “tough”; “catastrophic”; “devastating”; and “historic” among other things. It can also be described as a reset, a re-definition and therefore an opportunity for the strongest businesses to not only survive, but to prosper over the lo...
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