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Jeff Davidson, a.k.a "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" is the premier thought leader on work-life balance. He's written 65 mainstream books -- "Breathing Space," "Dial it Down, Live it Up," and "Simpler Living" among them -- on time management, productivity, career effectiveness, and innovation, and has been interviewed on America in the Morning, Late Night with Charlie Rose, the Australian Broadcasting Corp, USA Today SkyRadio, and Martha Stewart Radio.

Jeff is an electrifying professional speaker, with presentations to clients like Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Amex, Lufthansa, National Office Furniture, IRS, Experient, Swissotel, Re/Max, USAA, and the World Bank. His recent books -- the 60-Second Organizer, 60-Second Self-Starter, and 60-Second Innovator -- sell in China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, and Brazil.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Prospering in a World of Rapid Change

Learning Session | Published: May 06, 2013

Everywhere you look there are life-long career professionals losing confidence in their ability to stay competitive in our rapidly changing society. Concurrently, no one in society has a long-term lock on any market niche and no body of information affords a strategic competitive advantage for very ...
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Mastering Information Overload

Learning Session | Published: May 06, 2013

Data, data everywhere, but not a thought to think! Does too much paper, too much reading, or too much with which to keep pace plague you at work and diminish your enjoyment of life? If so, go from glut to gain. Learn how to become your own information highway, use information for maximum gain, and k...
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Step Up & Speak with Confidence

Learning Session | Published: May 08, 2013

To rise in your career, virtually nothing matches the ability to easily and persuasively impact audiences, in meetings large and small. To vanquish the "fear of public speaking", we'll focus on the basics of effective public speaking, and then include advanced topics such as what to do in the face o...
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Managing the Pace of New Information

Learning Session | Published: May 07, 2013

Does too much paper, too much reading, and too much with which to keep pace diminish your enjoyment of work and of life? If so, go from glut to gain. Learn how to win with information and not be deluged by it. Discover how to become your own information highway, use information for maximum gain, and...
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Proper Preparation for Perfect Presentations: Presenting a Seamless Presentation

Learning Session | Published: June 17, 2013

You may not realize it, but whenever you encounter an effective presentation the odds are high that the presenter took great lengths to ensure that everything went smoothly. In this illuminating session, we will "peek the curtain" to reveal the handful of key activities you'll want to undertake so t...
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Career and Organization Performance

Learning Session | Published: July 28, 2016

Learn how to quickly and easily bust through ruts, get into high gear, experience more of what you want, and take charge of your day. Join Jeff Davidson who holds the registered trademark "The Work-life Balance Expert" from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and travels throughout the U....
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