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Rayona founded the Institute for Women's Leadership in 1991 - an organization renown for its' groundbreaking work throughout the United States, Australia, and Canada. Drawing from her successful careers in education, professional sports and business, Rayona is considered a pioneer in this field and has become an inspirational teacher, coach and mentor for executives in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, emerging businesses and non-profit organizations. She has helped over 25 corporations launch and/or expand the impact of their women's initiatives. Rayona's new book "Trade Up: 5 Steps for Redesigning Your Leadership & Life from the Inside Out" has enjoyed a great deal of success with individuals and organizations across the U.S. She is also one of several featured authors of the ground-breaking book, "Enlightened Power: How Women Are Transforming the Practice of Leadership."


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Trade Up: 5 Steps for Redesigning Your Leadership and Life

Learning Session | Published: May 06, 2013

A leader's most important job is to reveal and shift the boundaries of peoples' thinking; starting with our own. Igniting and sustaining context shifts will be the most important leadership competency of the 21st century. Governments, multi-national corporations and not-for profit agencies have al...
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