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Roland is one of the original 100 change agents in the world and is the creator of the Whole System Transformation change methodology. He worked directly from the founders of the field beginning with a Seashore T-group from NTL in 1962. He has led change efforts with over 1,100 organizations in 44 countries and has taught OD at 27 Universities, including the most recognized change program in the world, Pepperdine. Editing over a twenty management of change books including the popular third edition of Practicing Organization Development has him in touch with best practices. He is known for "actually" transforming whole systems in large interactive events and for the last 30 years, leading global competency research for consultants. No one has a focus on training internal change agents as Roland does. He expects the Ph.D program in OD that he helped M. Kusy start will become the best in the world for those who do not want to leave their job.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Accelerated Talent Management: Utilizing Whole System Transformation Methodology

Learning Session | Published: April 30, 2013

Traditional talent management programs often fail because much essential infrastructure to support it is missing. (About 70 percent of all talent management programs fail in the first 3 years.) Accelerated talent management (ATM) is a planned approach to accelerating the success of talent managemen...
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