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A top national speaker, published author, collegiate professor, radio personality, and corporate executive coach. Ranging from personal consulting work to large-scale organizational change, executive coaching, and leadership development, Scott understand the needs and balance of corporate efficiency and effectiveness, following in the footsteps of Dr. Norman Peale of the Peale Center.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Me, Inc: How to Master the Business of Being You

Learning Session | Published: May 03, 2013

Me, Inc. asserts that the key to unlimited success in daily life is in incorporating the basic principles of business success into everyday living. Author Scott Ventrella begins by sharing the ten basic business principles of the most successful and enduring companies and how they can be applied to ...
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Building Cultures of Integrity

Learning Session | Published: May 08, 2013

If you were able to gauge the integrity of your organization where would you fall? Do you have the typical, dysfunctional, or optimum culture of integrity at your workplace? Scott W. Ventrella explores this and more in his webinar "Building Cultures of Integrity." Culture is the interwoven system of...
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Building a Culture of Integrity and Ethical Policies

Learning Session | Published: June 17, 2013

Total organization integrity is an organizational framework and mindset for creating corporate identities of the highest ethical standards. Traditional business ethics has focused primarily on legal and compliance issues. In short, the thrust was on “how to stay out of trouble,” or if you someho...
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