Mark Guadagnini at Best Practice Institute
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I’m a Naval Officer currently assigned as the Executive Assistant to the Commandant of Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA. Over the past 10 years I have gained experience in aviation operations, event planning, project management, personnel management, and higher education instruction. I have worked on integrated engagements with various branches and communities of the armed services along with several foreign countries such as Bahrain, Italy, and Spain.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Admiral Guadagnini talks with Louis Carter about being a Warrior Leader

Learning Session | Published: May 08, 2013

The Chief of Naval Air Training, Rear Admiral Mark D. Guadagnini, trains “ultimate ninja warrior leaders.” The training his combat aerial professionals complete is efficient through into book training, real-world skills, and repetition. Guadagnini uses examples from his real life situations to h...
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