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I write, speak and train marketers and corporate executives to think like publishers. I specialize in social media for B2B companies. I love social media, but I don't think media is an answer to anything. Strategy should drive tool selection .

My specialties include: --Researching markets and customers; --Selecting content to publish; --Creating compelling angles, headlines and voice; --Writing stuff that people really want to read; --Building a business presence on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+; --Promoting content through social media: --Designing and staging live and virtual events.

I've written five books about online communities since 2007, including The New Influencers (2007), Secrets of Social Media Marketing (2008), Social Marketing to the Business Customer (co-authored with Eric Schwartzman, 2011) and Attack of the Customers (co-authored with Greg Gianforte, 2012). Learn more about my latest book at


On-Demand Learning Sessions

The New World of Bottoms-Up Marketing

Learning Session | Published: May 07, 2013

Traditional marketing has been all about delivering a message for the top and spreading it through as many channels as possible. That worked well in an age when mass media dominated the communications landscape, but the world has changed. Today, messages began at the bottom and percolate up. The mas...
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