Orvel Ray Wilson at Best Practice Institute
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After 37 years on the international circuit, I help professionals discover, develop and deliver their unique message to the world.

I coach speakers, authors, and professionals on speech writing, stagecraft, and marketing. Together, we create entertaining, content-rich presentations that grow their business.

Since 1980, I've been traveling the world helping companies large and small increase sales and profits with Guerrilla Selling and Guerrilla Marketing.

• Certified Executive Coach. • Certified Speaking Professional • Voted one of world's TOP5 Sales and Marketing Speakers a record 5 years straight • International acclaim from clients including: Apple, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, United Airlines, Choice Hotels International, Marriott, Mersk, and many more


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Guerrilla Selling: Overcoming Price Barriers

Learning Session | Published: May 07, 2013

Cutting your price just to win the sale is business suicide. If you cut your price by just 10%, you have to sell 40% more just to make up the difference. If you’re losing business to lower-priced competition, this webinar will arm you with unconventional weapons and tactics to win the price wars. ...
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