Stacey Hanke at Best Practice Institute
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Stacey Hanke is co-author of the book; Yes You Can! Everything You Need From A To Z To Influence Others To Take Action. She is featured author of the book, Conversations On Success and member of the small business panel for USA Today. The 2009 Recipient of the University of Wisconsin Alumni Award and Member of the National Speakers Association, Stacey was one of six speakers selected to present at the 2008 NSA Convention in the category .

Do you sometimes wonder why people in positions of influence remark in less-than-influential ways? Perhaps you've been amazed at those without fancy titles and how they are able to inspire others to action. What does it take to be a person of influence and impact?


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Speak To Be Heard: Influencing Others to Take Action

Learning Session | Published: May 07, 2013

How will you influence your listeners to act on what you have to say? Whether you are influencing through a presentation, meeting, sales call, conference call or face-to-face conversation, how you deliver determines whether or not others see you as credible, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Without d...
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