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Dr Merom Klein has 30 years of experience in leadership development, innovation, transformational change management and team mobilization with major corporations, entrepreneurial businesses and government agencies in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Merom is the principal architect of The Courage Institute.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Courage: Lifting Teams to New Heights

Learning Session | Published: May 07, 2013

Great leaders mobilize, galvanize and uplift. They sprinkle in a dash of fear — to spur action. They take a group and make it a team. They hold their inspirees firmly on belay, lest they descend into panic or complacency. It looks like magic. But, like any magic act, there is a formula to courage-...
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Do You Make Courage Contagious? How the Very Best Innovation Leaders Overcome Fear, Doubt and Insecurity to Drive Extraordinary Value-Creation

Learning Session | Published: December 30, 2020

If your best ideas, funding proposals, and urgent calls to action aren’t getting enough support, traction, or funding, it may be because the key people around you lack the courage to follow your lead. Great things don’t happen with great ideas until you Make Courage Contagious, especially in...
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