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Mark Samuel, considered a practical visionary by Fortune 500 companies, has been guiding organizations toward higher levels of long-term success through his innovative and outcome-driven solutions for 27 years. Mark's systems help organizations worldwide to transform their business and culture in compressed time frames. His focus on execution, trust, recovery and measurable results has given his approach the reputation for achieving new paradigms of leadership and producing measurable breakthroughs.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

How to Create Rapid Culture Change: Achieving Measurable Results Within 6 Months

Learning Session | Published: June 17, 2013

Given the pressures of an increasing number of priorities, limited resources and exponential change in most organizations, organizations must get better at execution. Yet, the challenges of departmental silos, conflicting priorities and breakdowns in coordination between functions and levels in orga...
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Transforming Your Organization Though Talent Management

Learning Session | Published: August 06, 2015

Companies are pivoting their attention. A newer and faster pace of change is quickly following. Mergers, acquisitions, transitions, market shifts are all causing us to re-think what talent management is all about. Issues around talent planning, attraction, development, reward, and retention of the ...
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B State: Transforming Your Business and Culture in Rapid Time to Achieve Breakthrough Measurable Results

Learning Session | Published: April 20, 2017

Businesses, especially global ones, are challenged to keep pace with the speed of change in their industry. Emerging competition, regulatory standards, M&A’s, new technology, and changing customer demands are forcing organizations to rethink their business models, corporate culture, organizational...
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