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From the early 1990s David was one of the first practitioners to view front office HR processes for talent management not as a series of discrete HR activities but as interconnected standards, practices, and programs that when integrated become instrumental in driving business performance and change. When such practices are conceived beyond the aims of functional HR silos and designed as an integrated system based on common standards, these practices make the difference in driving and sustaining large-scale enterprise change. David currently is a partner in a boutique consulting firm that works with global enterprises at the nexus of business strategy, change, culture, and integrated talent management. Until December 2009 he was Director of Talent and Organizational Capability at Microsoft, where he co-designed and led the development and deployment Microsoft integrated platform for enterprise-wide talent management.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

How Business Change is Driven by Career Models and Integrated Talent Management (Integrated Talent Management Roundtable)

Learning Session | Published: June 17, 2013

This session explores a powerful foundation for driving fundamental business and culture change through integrated talent management. Based on performance standards linked to functional career paths, we will cover the business logic, architecture, development, and implementation methodology as well ...
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Fast Action Learning Circle: Integrated Talent Management

Learning Session | Published: November 30, 2013

Integrated Talent Management is the Transformational Process of Bringing People, Processes and Operations together. BPI will present its research on Integrated Talent Management. You will receive the BPI Whitepaper on its research on Integrated Talent Management, as well as the PowerPoint Presentat...
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