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I am a life-long student of recruiting with a passion for conversations about how every stakeholder in the recruiting finds meaningful work; about technology & data that contribute to employer & candidate decisions; and, about an organizational strategy for talent management that is sustainable.

In 2010, I joined with other volunteers in the industry to form TalentBoard to oversee the Candidate Experience Awards ( This addition to the 'open source' movement continues to define, measure and honor the firms who are committed to treating candidates as partners in the hiring process. More than 200,000 candidates from 300 participating employers completed a comprehensive survey about their treament during the hiring process in 2017. Join us in 2018.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Your Candidate's Experience: Engage them or Enrage Them

Learning Session | Published: June 17, 2013

It is your choice. During that prospect's first ‘contact’ with your recruiter, their first trip to your firm's website to research you or, at the very least, when your ‘Candidate’ presses the submit button on their completed application with crossed fingers and an optimistic notion they will...
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