Haig Nalbantian at Best Practice Institute
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My work is about the evolution of a "new science" of human capital management - "Workforce Sciences" - that integrates the learnings/perspectives of economics and organizational psychology along with statistical methods to enable an asset management approach to securing and managing an organization's workforce. I have done this both as a practitioner in the field, consulting to some of the world's leading organizations, and as a researcher.

My goal is to continue to help create further advancements in the required measurement methods and to continue to help lead businesses to a new era of people management. By adopting this approach, organizations put the people side in its rightful place as THE most important decision area in what ultimately will be known as the age of human capital.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Evidence-Based Management and Development of Human Capital

Learning Session | Published: June 21, 2013

Haig Nalbantian is Senior Partner and Founder/Leader of Mercer Workforce Sciences Institute...
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