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A thought leader with nearly 20 years of expansive international experience as Global CEO coach and working as organizational development consultant, trainer and facilitator with the leadership of the world largest and most sophisticated organizations. In his work, Bjorn Martinoff believes that unlimited potential can be unleashed for every one of his clients. Exponential growth has been the result of a great number of his interventions. Always up for even greater challenges to create breakthroughs, business acceleration and turnarounds Bjorn may be reached at and is looking forward to hearing from you.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

The Power of Human Emotional Needs in Talent Attraction and Retention

Learning Session | Published: June 17, 2013

You can buy a person's backbone but you cannot buy his heart, they say. Surely, there has to be a way for the organization to keep the performers going and the inner fuel burning. Why is it that some people seem to only have the paycheck in mind at work while others will work for free? Why is it ...
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