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As Chief Economist at a major international consulting firm, John Perkins advised the World Bank, United Nations, IMF, U.S. Treasury Department, Fortune 500 corporations, and countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. He worked directly with heads of state and CEOs of major companies. His books on economics and geo-politics have sold more than 1 million copies, spent many months on the New York Times and other bestseller lists, and are published in over 30 languages.

John’s Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (70 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list) is a startling exposé of international corruption. His The Secret History of the American Empire, also a New York Times bestseller, details the clandestine operations that created the world’s first truly global empire. His Hoodwinked is a blueprint for a new form of global economics. The solutions are not “return to normal” ones. Instead, John challenges us to soar to new heights.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

The Economic Crisis: What Next?

Learning Session | Published: May 08, 2013

CHALLENGE YOUR THINKING ABOUT THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS with John Perkins, New York Times Best Selling Author of CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN THE HIT MEN STRIKE HOME What Next and How to Deal With It The current crisis is a classic hit by economic hit men (EHM) – except this time the...
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