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Richard Gerson is an internationally renowned, and much sought-after, speaker and trainer. He combines humor, education and entertainment to get his message across to audiences. He has authored 23 books plus published over 450 articles in journals, magazines, newspapers and newsletters. His books and articles cover sales, marketing, performance improvement, peak performance, management, leadership and customer service. His most recent books include Achieving High Performance (HRD Press, 2006), Guaranteeing Performance Improvement (HRD Press, 2007), and Positive Performance Improvement: A New Paradigm for Optimizing Your Workforce (Co-authored with his wife, Robbie Gerson, Davies-Black, 2006). His forthcoming book is The Executive Athlete (HRD Press, 2008).Richard has a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from Florida State University, along with 8 professional consulting certifications.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

THE EXECUTIVE ATHLETE: How To Be A Peak Performer In Business, Sports, and Life

Learning Session | Published: May 06, 2013

This program will do two things for the attendees. It will help them identify and understand the link between their performances in business and how that relates to an athlete’s performance in sports. And, it will help them identify techniques, similar to what top athletes use, to achieve peak per...
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