Workism: 5 leadership strategies to keep it away
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Workism: 5 leadership strategies to keep it away

Some social observers, as social observers are wont to do, find doom and gloom shadowing today’s workers. They see workers crippled by workism, an obsession with work as their driving purpose in life.   This isn’t much different from the rat race and other metaphors from former years. Each generation seems to differ in its self-perception, and to the extent work is central, it’s worth studying. Workism is a media buzzword tossed around as a condition affecting workers emotionally, spiritually, and productively. Where these work conditions are real, there are five actionable leadership strategies to keep workism away:   Systemic Collaboration: Effective collaboration across functional silos must be an organizational principle, function, and policy. Positive Future: Procedures and practices must encourage and enable optimism. Future-focused leaders find it easier to connect emotionally and strengthen personal and performance ties built around the same goals. Aligned Valu...