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Value Skilled Management

This article, written by Bill Hawkins and Lori Riordan, discusses how to become a skilled manager – not a manager of corporate “tenure”. Although, promotion of unskilled managers can occur in any organization regardless of size, age or stage in the life cycle, it most frequently occurs in start up and high growth companies. In these organizations the pace of change is fastest and the pool of available talent just isn’t as big. There is a particular appreciation for technical competence and an allegiance to people who were there through the difficult and turbulent times. This tenure is translated into knowledge of “how things are done here.” Technical proficiency translates in to the ability to address the current crisis quickly – often without regard for anything other than achieving results. Of course, this skill was highly valued in the start up mode but may not be optimally effective,in a midsize company and might actually be counterproductive in specific situations (d...