Leaders who Build Market Value
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Leaders who Build Market Value

The purpose of leadership development is to build leaders who know how to increase organization capability that delivers current and future earnings consistent with firm values.  In this article we argue that it is the job of leaders at all levels to create sustainable shareholder value and to be able to communicate this value to all interested parties, namely, the shareholders, the investment community, the regulators, the customers and the employees of the organization. Accomplishing this purpose requires an integration of ideas from a number of different disciplines. It involves an understanding of the new role that intangibles play in company valuations and new shifts in thinking in organizational theory.  It invites line leaders as well as those in Human Resources, Accounting, Finance and IT to consider new dimensions to their roles. Ultimately it challenges the reader to become a new breed of leader who can become an architect to build intangible value for his/her company.  Af...