Managing Organizational Emotion and Business Chaos
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Managing Organizational Emotion and Business Chaos

Best practices for business often refer to the importance of creating alignment between mission, vision, values, goals, strategy and tactical plans. Alignment is viewed as critical for achieving bottom-line results and increasing shareholder value. In most organizations there are serious breaks in alignment, contributing to chaos, complexity and unpredictability:  mission statements that decorate company walls but don’t impact day to day business; visionaries out of touch with marketplace realities; values paid lip service but not lived; long range goal planning sacrificed to fighting fires and short term needs; staff meetings as pep rallies to boost enthusiasm but resulting in cynicism. The result is emotional and business chaos. The chaos becomes more exacerbated in times of economic uncertainty. Personal and organizational security both are threatened, causing increased emotional stress and lack of clarity. This scenario describes many organizations today.  Emotions are one of t...