Louis Carter on Best Practices
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Louis Carter on Best Practices

Louis Carter is the founder and CEO of the Best Practice Institute. He recently discussed the importance of best practices and other topics with WD Communications. WD: Everywhere we go, we hear clients talking about best practices. Is there a universal understanding of what this term means? LC: In the universal sense and definition, “best practices” can be identified and benchmarked in any particular industry or field. Best Practice Institute (BPI) holds the belief that best practices are unique to each individual and organizational case. We learn from our own and other organizations’ successes, but each best practice case is identified through a set of questions and analyses. BPI searches for innovative practices that incorporate a process of co-creation for its best practice initiatives. WD: Could you share an example of how best practices have had a positive impact? LC: Sure. We worked with Jerry Sternin and the Save the Children organization on the concept of “positive devi...