The Tao of Dow
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The Tao of Dow

“East meets West” has become a popular slogan nowadays reflecting the reality that many aspects of the Eastern cultures, particularly from China, Japan and India, have occupied a permanent place in our vocabulary and lives. Chinese restaurants, acupuncture, karaoke, yoga, Tai Chi & meditation, as well as “Made in China” labels are a few examples of such integration of the East into the West. Western technology, management practices and the exponential growth of manufacturing due to abundant supply of cheap labor are just a few examples of such integration of the West into the East. The next step in the fusion of cultures is integration of their underlying philosophies and values. After all, the Dow, which became the symbol of the Western philosophy of the free market economy, and the Tao, the Eastern philosophy of ancient China, are not that far apart from each other and, perhaps, can help create a true fusion between the East and the West.