SmithKline Beecham
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SmithKline Beecham

In 1989, SmithKline Beecham was formed through the merger of SmithKline Beckman Corporation, located in Philadelphia, PA, and The Beecham Group in London. Beecham had comparatively few programs in the way of human resources development, while SmithKline Beckman had a process but no consistency in how it was implemented across the corporation. Within a few years, after the company had resolved the most urgent post-merger problems, it had become apparent that SmithKline Beecham needed a consistent, reliable, and standardized leadership planning process. It was believed that such a process would help meld the two companies with their disparate cultures—that it would help change SmithKline Beecham from a multidomestic “we versus them” culture to a global “us.” It was also hoped that a company-wide approach would enhance worker loyalty that had been diminished by the merger. Moreover, SmithKline Beecham was experiencing the same pressures felt by the industry worldwide to downsize...
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