Advanced Micro Devices: Retention Program
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Advanced Micro Devices: Retention Program

A retention program designed to help employees align their interests, values, and skills with rapidly changing business needs through a set of integrated activities.This case study tells a story—born out of necessity—about curtailing anticipated hemorrhaging of outbound talent by proactively addressing development needs throughout the worklife cycle, beginning with recruiting and continuing through retention efforts. The attempt would be made to reduce outplacement by focusing on in-placement.Equally challenging would be the task to ensure that a career development process would be an integral part of the way AMD conducted business on a daily basis. It could not be an event or an HR flavor of the month. Rather, the focus needed to be on a process that was sustainable with practices that could be replicated elsewhere in the organization. The importance of a strategic approach, built on a solid business, derived from both quantitative and qualitative data, could not be underestimated...
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