Systems Thinking at FedEx Sales
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Systems Thinking at FedEx Sales

OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS THINKING:  The concept behind the business thinking curriculum for sales was that the sales executive should think like a business owner.  They should think about the customers of the FedEx customer.  What kept the FedEx customer awake at night when they thought about the products and services demanded by their customers?  One goal of business thinking was for the sales rep to see the world through the eyes of the customer rather than through their own eyes.  For the small customer, such as a neighborhood print shop, the sales rep might focus on the consumers that walked into the print shop ordering wedding invitations and flyers for a new business.  For the global account, such as a global telecommunications company, the sales rep would focus on the other billion dollar corporations served by this customer.  This global account might buy through a purchasing committee and ship to all world regions.   Their partners, suppliers, and customers were definitel...
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