Buckman Labs: Distance Learning Center
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Buckman Labs: Distance Learning Center

Background Buckman Laboratories is an international, family-owned, specialty-chemical company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.  For more than fifty years, Buckman has provided the world’s leading industries with a broad range of specialty chemicals for the papermaking, water treatment and leather production industries. Buckman Laboratories was founded in 1947 during America’s booming post-war years.  From the beginning, Stanley Buckman, founder, established his success by understanding his customers and stopping at nothing to achieve success for them.  Stanley had a Ph.D. in forestry and microbiology and was fascinated by the papermaking process.  Today, the paper industry accounts for a large percentage of Buckman’s business.  He did this by hiring as many PhD’s for research and development and for technical assistance as possible.  He also put in place a policy stating that no idea from any associate for a new product or service would ever be discounte...
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